The widow of Haiti’s slain President Jovenel Moise has asked the international community to assist in tracking down those responsible for gunning down her husband in a late-night raid on the couple’s home in July by suspected mercenaries.

Moise’s assassination threw the Caribbean nation, already in turmoil due to hunger and gang violence, even further into disarray, and sparked a global hunt for the perpetrators.

Martine Moise, dressed in a black dress and sling after being injured in the attack, told reporters in a room flanked by bodyguards on Monday that while Haitian authorities had made some progress, she feared progress had slowed.

“I have the impression that the process is… stalling a little,” she said. “The people who did this are still out there, and I’m not sure if their names will ever be revealed. Please assist any country that can.”

Nearly two months after her husband’s assassination on July 7, key aspects of the murder remain unknown. More than a dozen suspects have been apprehended in Haiti, including 18 Colombian mercenaries, an obscure Haitian-American doctor who they say aspired to be president, and the head of Moise’s security team.

However, they have released very little evidence. “Those people (arrested) did it, but someone gave the orders, and someone gave the money,” Moise explained.

She stated that she had spoken with the FBI twice and believed they could “find the people who financed that heinous crime.”

As security concerns have plagued the investigation in Haiti, one of the judges overseeing the case has stepped down, citing concerns for his own safety.

First Lady Moise has stated that Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is also dealing with the aftermath of an August earthquake that killed over 2,000 people, must call for elections as soon as possible in order to ensure stability.

“My husband’s advice would probably be to try to hold an election. With the election, you can have peace and consider the long term “She stated.

Elections that were scheduled for September have been pushed back to November, and some have speculated that they may be pushed back even further as a result of the earthquake.

“If they want elections, they will have them,” Moise said.

Moise confirmed previous comments she had made in interviews about her interest in running for president, but stated that she would prioritize her family.

“I’d like to run for President of the United States. I will not let the president’s vision die with him. There is still much to be done in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake “She stated.

For weeks, conspiracy theories about the Haitian murder have swirled amid the ongoing investigation and arrests.

Friends of the murdered president say he was afraid for his life right before he was assassinated.

On Monday, his wife stated that he had not informed her of any specific plot against him.

“If he knew, he’d talk about it, but he never did,” she explained. “Because there are Colombians and soldiers here in Haiti for a reason.” She denied social media rumors that Moise had hidden millions of dollars in his official residence in the affluent suburb of Petion-Ville.

“It is the office of the President. There is some cash. But the $48 million figure I heard on social media can’t be true. $48 million, where in the room (can you stick it)?”